It’s here! I furshadowed it with that screenshot yesterday, and now I’m ready to reveal it after keeping it secret for so long.

This isn’t just a Plok fan game, it’s a crossover! With Bubsy!


Full voice acting.  I personally voiced both Plok and Bubsy, so you’ll be able to hear all their famous catchphrases as you play, from Plok’s “I’ve been diddled again!” to Bubsy’s “What could possibly go wrong?”

Hi-definition polygonal graphics. I brung both the worlds of Polyesta and Rayon into the modern 3D world. Note that because Bubsy’s levels are easier to develop, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Platforms. What would a PLATFORM game be without PLATFORMS?

And I promise that unlike Arcane Kids and their Bubsy sequel in Unity 3D, I will treat Bubsy with exactly the respect he deserves. He was the coolest cat on any cartridge, better than Sonic, Mario and dare I say even Plok himself, and I hold no ill will towards him for hurting sales of Plok. He deserves a sixth chance at a great game, and I’m gonna give it to him.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready to be released yet. I still need to record more purrfect catchphrases for Bubsy. But I am well on the way to unleashing this upon the world, and I hope the results are cataclysmic.

Plok belongs to John and Ste Pickfurred, and Bubsy belongs to Accolade and Michael Purrlyn. I do not own either IP.

(Edit: this was an April Fools joke).